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Hey There!!! I’m Alanna Thomas, porn star, swinger, web personality and professional masturbator - thanks for stopping by my official website! I’ve been getting naked & dirty on the internet since 1999 and have one of the largest true amateur adult websites on the net.

I’m famous for my love of black cock, my dirty cum-swapping adventures with my slutty girlfriends and my huge gangbangs - I once fucked 35 guys in one night! I’m also known for my porn videos as I’ve worked with some of the most famous adult studios in Los Angeles doing wild interracial gangbangs, MILF videos and even a few fetish videos! But I’m probably most well-known for my love for ‘Average Joes’ - I’ve hosted and videotaped wild sex parties since 1999! I pride myself on my site being TRUE AMATEUR - Most of the guys who star in my videos are guys who’ve answered ads to be in my videos or written me asking me to attend my parties!

Inside, you’ll see me with guys (and girls!) who are big & small, short & tall, white & black (and other colors!), old (my oldest fuck was 72!) and young (all over 18, sorry!). I’ve even de-virginized a few of my fans! Over the years I’ve talked with literally thousands of men about everything you could dream about when
it comes to sex - I certainly consider a self-taught expert in sexuality! Please continue inside to get to know me much better!
My Wild Las Vegas BBC Orgy
Three hot webgirls – me, Erin and Bianca, were in Vegas for Internext and were offered a chance to fuck a houseful of black guys – six of ‘em, to be exact! Well, I can’t speak for the other girls, but I was more than ready – and several major-league fuckings, a Double Penetration and a dozen or more nasty facials later, I was tired and very happy! And watch for the wild squirting orgasm from Bianca – right in a guy’s face!


Alanna does 35 guys in a wild gangbang
This might just be our all-time favorite shoot…it’s definitely Alanna's record for most guys in one night! She wanted a gangbang party, and Carol Cox and her gang happily obliged…lining up 35 guys to fuck! The shoot opens with some girl/girl warmup and then the guys get busy - Alanna takes dicks one after another…and letting that cum build up all over her! The evening wraps up with Alanna getting fucked for a bit by a wild nun and her plastic dick (no cumshot there!) and a few last minute stragglers! 35 guys and a few girls - and Alanna fucks them all!
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Three Cute Girls Sharing One Big Load
It was a party at Oasis' house - and as you can see it was a wild one, too (most of them are!) and Alanna was getting fucked, nice and slow, by a big hard cock...and when it was time to get the big load of cum, Oasis and Kacey zoomed in to share it with Alanna - three girls, one load, lots of cummy goodness!
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Exciting Anal Orgy With My Friend Oasis
I’d partied with Oasis several times, but hadn’t had much chance to play with her – and I was determined to change that! So we got down on her floor and went at it – first just us girls, then bringing in a guy (seeing Oasis stuff the guy’s dick in my ass is priceless!) before I get a big load all over my face!


Loft Full Of BBC
This was one of the wilder nights of my life – after meeting some very cool guys at a local bar (they were in town for a webgirl party I was co-hosting), I invited them back to my loft, where we went nuts right on my bed (and later learned a crowd of people watched from the rooftop across the street!)


Homegrown Double Penetration
Back when I lived in Michigan, our friends at Homegrown Video set me up on a little adventure…I was enrolled in Homegrown University, a school for aspiring webgirls! Well my final exam was to do something I’d never done on film before…so I got two of my big-dicked fuck buddies and I fucked, sucked and DP’d them til we all came! Needless to say, I passed!


Orgy With Faith
When I moved to Phoenix, I figured there would be more webgirls around – but I was shocked to find out that a very hot webgirl, Faith, lived less than a mile from me! Faith & I take on two guys at a time…I try (unsuccessfully) at doing a DP, while Faith sucks and fucks with abandon. Things end on a high note, as the sucking and fucking continues: Faith does her own version of DP, Alanna takes Faith’s guy’s big tool and both girls swap some cum (watch that aim, Alanna!)


Spring Break Swinger Orgy
We were visiting Oasis’ place in Lake Havasu for spring break, and after a full day of being out on the water – surrounded with hot and horny college kids! – we all needed some action! Lucky for us, Oasis had rounded up a house full of swingers, college guys and and random voyeurs for her, me, Cathy and Kacey to get down and dirty with – yeah!

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